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Unlike the Lion Air crew, who were flying at a time when pilots had been told little about the MCAS software, the Ethiopian crew used switches to turn the automatic system off but it later re-engaged, people familiar with the matter said. Although aircraft experts say MCAS cannot turn back on by itself, the report is expected to shed light on whether and why the crew chose to restore electrical power to the system at the risk of setting off more automated nose-down movements buy gold cufflinks. Aerospace analyst Bjorn Fehrm said in a blog post for Leeham News that pilots may have deliberately re-activated the system in order to make it easier to control the aircraft only to be overwhelmed by rapid counter-moves from MCAS..

Investigators will also look at whether the crew carried out all necessary procedures, including a recommendation to stabilize the plane using the control system before turning the crucial software off. The pilots maneuvered the plane upwards at least two times before hitting the stabilizer cut-out switches to disable the system, one person familiar with the matter said buy gold cufflinks. However, initial flight data indicates the aircraft was flying nose-heavy and not in a “neutral” attitude when pilots hit the cut-out switches, the person added, making the situation harder to manage..

Cockpit procedures call for pilots to leave the MCAS system off for the rest of the flight once it has been disengaged. Safety experts stress the investigation is far from complete and most aviation disasters are caused by a unique combination of human and technical factors. In a statement, Boeing said: “We urge caution against speculating and drawing conclusions on the findings prior to the release of the flight data and the preliminary report.”. The 737 MAX is Boeing’s top-selling jet with almost 5,000 on order buy gold cufflinks. Ethiopian Airlines is also in the midst of an expansion drive, while other 737 MAX customers and victims’ families want answers, and potentially compensation..

Boeing shares closed down 1.5 percent. They have lost more than 8.5 percent since the Ethiopian crash buy gold cufflinks. Getting the planes flying again depends partly on the role that Boeing design features are found to have played in the crash, though investigators are also paying attention to airline operations, crew actions and regulatory measures. The chief executive of Norwegian Air, Bjoern Kjos, who is a former fighter pilot, said on Wednesday he tested the old MCAS flight control system versus the new one in a MAX simulator “under a malfunction,” and said it appears to be foolproof..

(Reuters) – Billionaire investor Carl Icahn sold his roughly 2.7 percent stake in Lyft Inc to investor George Soros ahead of the ride-hailing company’s initial public offering, the Wall Street Journal reported on Wednesday, citing sources buy gold cufflinks. Jonathan Christodoro, a former managing director of Icahn Capital LP who was on Lyft’s board until last month, connected the activist investor with Soros, which was worth about $550 million at the IPO price, according to the WSJ report. It was not clear what price Soros paid for the stake, the WSJ said..