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Hedge funds say they struggle to find women to work as portfolio managers and point out that women are better represented in other areas, including compliance and legal counsel elegant cufflinks. These are middle-office or back-office positions, rarely involved in investment calls. People who work for or in financial services say more female candidates would emerge for trading positions if hedge funds cast the net wider for potential candidates, and offered better maternity packages and mentorships. “Hedge funds will all say they don’t get female applicants but are they even looking for them? Do they care? The data suggests no they don’t,” said Yasmine Chinwala of think tank New Financial..

Unlike the rest of the financial sector, where large, listed companies are now required to disclose pay gaps between men and women, and are under public pressure to have more women in senior roles, hedge funds can mostly operate below the radar. Usually privately-owned and run by their founders, they are not the target of government drives to improve female representation in finance. “Public scrutiny, and more specifically, mandated government-backed scrutiny … delivers results,” said Chinwala elegant cufflinks. “These sectors have shown they are not going to make significant changes themselves without a big, concerted, external push.”..

Three of the 20 top British hedge funds covered in the Reuters analysis commented about their record of hiring women. “We have women represented across all functional areas of the firm as well as in senior management positions which are not covered by CF 30 registrations, which represents a small proportion of our staff,” a spokeswoman for Marshall Wace said. The firm has registered three women in the CF 30 category since 2009 compared with 40 men over the same period elegant cufflinks. “Algebris continues to invest in women’s careers, developing talent and creating the next generation of female leaders in finance,” said a spokesman for the firm, which registered nine women and 24 men as a CF 30 since 2009..

Emso Asset Management said 35 percent of its employees were women and said it paid employees for the first 26 weeks of their 52 week maternity leave. It has registered nine women and 30 men as a CF 30 since 2009. “Our diversity in employee base reflects the diversity of markets within which we make investments,” Chief Operating Officer Rory McGregor said in an emailed statement elegant cufflinks. Emso was the only one of the 20 hedge funds to comment publicly on its maternity pay. Paid leave after becoming a parent can vary widely between firms. One portfolio manager told Reuters she had to argue her case to get paid while on maternity leave. She declined to be named for fear of damaging her career..

Valerie Kosenko, at recruitment consultant Mondrian Alpha, said maternity pay was an important consideration for a lot of women looking to work in the hedge fund industry elegant cufflinks. “I don’t think hedge funds gave a lot of thought to it at all. It’s something that hedge funds can definitely improve.”. The 10 largest U.S. hedge funds with a UK office – including Citadel and Millennium Management – registered slightly more women than their British counterparts, at nearly 13 percent, in 2018, according to the Reuters analysis..