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Outside of regulatory pressures, the new CEO will also be faced with investors who want management to shore up the bank’s core business. Wells Fargo was the only bank among the top four U.S. lenders to not grow loans or deposits over the past two years, according to Refinitiv data ferragamo cufflinks amazon. While current executives have suspended the bank’s 2020 expense target to give a new CEO room for a novel strategy, analysts expect incoming management to maintain Wells Fargo’s approach of growing profits by getting leaner..

“I think the new CEO is going to take the path of trimming costs and buying back stocks and you still won’t see a lot of balance sheet expansion in terms of loan growth because they are under that cap,” said Edward Jones analyst Kyle Sanders. Wells Fargo Board Chair Betsy Duke did not give clear guidelines on what kinds of candidates the board is looking for ferragamo cufflinks amazon. The next CEO will likely be a finance executive with experience with consumer banking and digital strategy, as well as the ability to smooth relationships with Washington, analysts said..

(Reuters) – Wells Fargo & Co’s board started its official search for a new chief executive officer on Friday after announcing the abrupt departure of CEO Tim Sloan a day earlier. What are some of the challenges a new CEO will have to tackle? ferragamo cufflinks amazon. Asset Cap: Sloan’s successor will have to satisfy the requirements of the U.S. Federal Reserve’s asset cap, which prohibits the bank from increasing its balance sheet beyond 2017 levels. The bank has said it expects the asset cap to be lifted by the end of this year. Yet analysts believe mid-2020 is a more realistic time frame..

Executive turnover: Wells Fargo veterans lead many of the bank’s main business segments, but fresh leadership at the top could spur additional senior departures, analysts said. “Anyone on that next level down who had hoped to be a CEO near term, that kind of squashes that possibility,” said KBW analyst Brian Kleinhanzl. The new CEO may also decide to remove senior executives to bring in outsiders to refresh the culture. Shoring up business fundamentals: Wells Fargo was the only large-cap U.S. bank to not increase the number of loans or deposits over the last two years, according to Refinitiv data ferragamo cufflinks amazon. Investors will want to see a plan to expand the bank’s core business. For now new management will likely have to continue shrinking to enhance profit, analysts said..

“The plan will be the same in terms of cutting costs an getting leaner,” Edward Jones analyst Kyle Sanders said. Dealing with Washington: Wells Fargo has become a perpetual target of U.S. lawmakers Most notably, Senator Elizabeth Warren, who is running for president, has made the bank’s past misdeeds a constant talking point in her campaign ferragamo cufflinks amazon. Fixing the bank’s relationship with her, and other politicians such as Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Representative Maxine Waters is sure to be an uphill climb, analysts said..