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Pino also pushed for more productivity but did so by asking workers how they would redesign their own cumbersome jobs. ”Usually you need to convince people to change, but when they saw what we were doing they started coming to us,” he said. “The new system gave everyone a voice,” said Cheryl Reash, a 36-year worker at the plant. Tracy Seymour, also at the plant nearly 36 years, said the team of 10 millwrights – a team started by Pino – came up with a system for parts kits that eliminated the need for vast amounts of inventory on the line. That made it possible for workers to build 10 different engine types without having to bend over, lift heavy objects or walk off the line in search of parts how to make cufflinks from coins.

“I wouldn’t run without their equipment,” Seymour said. “It would be impossible.” how to make cufflinks from coins. Over time, workers and managers at Toledo worked to unplug bottlenecks up and down the assembly line. “Why we succeed and exceed is that union and management came together,” Seymour said. Soaring customer demand for sport utility vehicles also helped the Toledo plant. As workers cranked out around 500,000 Wrangler and Jeep Cherokee SUVs annually from 2014 to 2016, the plant’s two production lines began running at well over 100 percent capacity, according to data from AutoForecast Solutions. This level of capacity utilization is rare in the industry..

Still, Fiat Chrysler could not keep up with demand in both the United States and in the 105 countries where the Toledo-made Wrangler is sold. To ease the crunch, the company proposed moving the Cherokee to another factory so Toledo could make more Wranglers. In return, Local 12 was promised another new product. Baumhower said the local accepted the move based on that promise. The plant is now ramping up production of the Gladiator pickup truck, which shares many parts with the Wrangler and is getting glowing reviews in the automotive media how to make cufflinks from coins.

But while FCA’s Toledo success shows what can happen when a Detroit automaker and its union work together, it also shows how a strong local can also punch back how to make cufflinks from coins. In February 2018, for instance, Local 12 publicly protested an FCA plan to replace 88 UAW-represented truck drivers with contractors, forcing the company to back down. “We’re good at getting along if you want to get along,” said Bruce Baumhower, who has been president of Local 12 for 26 years. “And we can fight all day if you want to pick a fight.”..

BRUSSELS (Reuters) – EU antitrust regulators on Monday fined U.S. conglomerate General Electric 52 million euros ($58.4 million) for providing misleading information in its takeover of Danish rotor blade maker LM Wind two years ago. GE told the European Commission that it was not developing any other turbine apart from its 6 megawatt turbine when it sought EU approval to buy LM Wind how to make cufflinks from coins. The EU found that this was not true after a third party provided details. GE subsequently withdrew its request and resubmitted it a month later with more data on future projects. The deal was cleared in March 2017..