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SAO PAULO (Reuters) – Volkswagen AG does not plan to produce electric or hybrid vehicles in Brazil in the next few years, although it will begin importing them this year, its top executive for South America Pablo Di Si told reporters on Tuesday louis vuitton champs elysees cufflinks. Brazil was one of the world’s largest auto markets until a recent economic downturn and remains a significant base for many automakers. The Brazilian market relies heavily on ethanol, a biofuel that receives incentives from the government and which has been embraced by the local auto industry..

BRUSSELS (Reuters) – Chinese telecoms equipment company Huawei said on Tuesday it welcomed the European Commission’s “objective and proportionate” approach to the security of future 5G networks. “Huawei understands the cybersecurity concerns that European regulators have,” Abraham Liu, Huawei’s chief representative to the EU, said in a statement louis vuitton champs elysees cufflinks. “Huawei looks forward to contributing to the European framework on cybersecurity. We are firmly committed to continue working with all regulators and partners to make the 5G rollout in Europe a success,” he continued..

(Reuters) – Self-driving technology continues to attract robust investment, as two tech startups, one in San Francisco and one near Tel Aviv, said this week they have raised nearly $200 million to support development and production of lidar sensors for automated vehicles. Israeli startup Innoviz Technologies said on Tuesday it raised $132 million, taking its total funding to $214 million, surpassing the money raised by sector leaders Velodyne and Quanergy, each of which is valued at around $2 billion louis vuitton champs elysees cufflinks. Innoviz did not provide a valuation figure..

San Francisco-based Ouster, whose founders include a former Quanergy executive, said on Monday it raised $60 million, boosting its total funding to $90 million. Innoviz and Ouster are competing in a crowded field of more than 50 lidar startups vying to supply vehicle manufacturers and their key suppliers with the sensors louis vuitton champs elysees cufflinks. A critical component of self-driving systems, lidar sensors use laser light pulses to measure distances and render precise images of the environment around the car. More than $1 billion in corporate and private investment has been plowed into the sector over the past three years, including a record $420 million in 2018, according to a Reuters analysis of publicly available investment data..

Automakers and large suppliers have begun to place bets on different lidar startups and competing technologies. Eventually, analysts expect the lidar sector could be squeezed down to five or six major players, but likely not until after 2025. In the meantime, Innoviz continues to muscle its way into the forefront of lidar providers louis vuitton champs elysees cufflinks. Founded in 2016, the company already has a contract with BMW to supply its first self-driving vehicles in 2021. Innoviz has financial backing from Japan’s SoftBank Group Corp as well as auto suppliers Aptiv Plc, Magna International Inc and Samsung Group. Its most recent funding comes from several large investors in China and Israel..