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GM has struggled for years to crack the code for growing profitably outside rich markets, in part because vehicles designed for the U.S. or China’s wealthy coastal cities cost too much for developing world consumers personalized cufflinks india. The company has abandoned some Southeast Asian countries and pulled back from Africa because it could not compete. This time around, GM says, through disciplined cost-control it has finally found a way to make affordable vehicles in bulk for emerging markets, loaded with the technology that consumers want and still make a profit..

The Chevrolet Tracker and the Buick Encore – not be confused with its American cousin of the same name – are the first tests of a new strategy for engineering vehicles to appeal to buyers in around 40 nations of the world’s middle class such as Brazil and Mexico, and the huge developing market that exists within China’s heartland personalized cufflinks india. The GEM project involved an unprecedented level of cooperation with GM’s Chinese joint venture partner SAIC Motor Corp Ltd. GM and SAIC shared engineering costs and collaborated on purchasing, GM executives said..

What potential customers will see are vehicles that include amenities such as touchscreens, mobile phone connectivity, rear-view cameras, and safety features like automatic emergency braking and airbags. What GM is counting on them not to notice is that the number of options is limited, to reduce complexity in purchasing and manufacturing, or that touches such as fully-carpeted trunks are absent. “We may not be the absolute lowest price point in China,” GM president Mark Reuss told Reuters at the automaker’s downtown Detroit headquarters. “But we’re going to be right in that segment where this is a pretty good-sized car personalized cufflinks india. (with) a huge value for what you pay for it.”..

The team that set out to build GM’s new vehicle family included engineers and designers from 14 different countries, meeting at the automaker’s technical center in the Detroit suburb of Warren to hammer out details that were then executed in China and elsewhere, GM executives said. As the basic design of the GEM vehicles took shape, the strategy for where they would be sold changed. GM pulled out of some markets like India and Vietnam that were originally slated to be among the target markets personalized cufflinks india.

The challenge GEM project chief engineer Doug Houlihan faced was how to deliver low-cost vehicles that did not look cheap or lack key safety features personalized cufflinks india. Sometimes, that meant spending more. Houlihan gave the green light to spend extra on machines that could weld on the tops of car doors rather than stamping the door in one piece. The extra investment delivered a door that fit smoothly into the roof of the car for a sleeker look. “This gives the customer more than they would expect,” Houlihan said..